Chairman Speech

Along with China's electric market growth and development, Litto Electric is constantly growing and expanding. As a people, "security guards," the production plant, the company entrusted with social services, for customers to create wealth, to help employees realize the value of the glorious mission. We mind the serve the country, ideals and beliefs of society, good governance, innovation, go all the complicated economic situation and increasingly fierce competition in the industry and beyond, showing a strong overall competitive strength and earnings growth capability.

Currently, improve the corporate governance structure, good asset quality, sound internal control system, talent, compliance management, management practices, the main business is booming.

Nine units from the base soil; a thousand miles begins with one step. In both opportunities and challenges, hope and difficulties of the situation, we will be more firm belief and dedication, adhere to the "credibility, norms, professionalism, and win-win" business philosophy, pool the wisdom to create wealth, to high-quality for the people to provide security guards to provide customers with high efficiency class services to provide high-value wide growth path for employees, the new Chi electrical building into a contribution to the country, socially responsible, attractive to customers modern production enterprises.

Looking back at the past, we are grateful, thank the community for their support given to us; Looking ahead, we are full of confidence and look forward with the community to create a better tomorrow!