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Shenzhen Litto New Energy Co., Ltd

-Change Feature,Unchange Nature!

Shenzhen Litto New energy Co., Ltd. which is a new energy company focused on the PV inverter, car charging pile, etc. products, the company with new energy technology, intelligent power distribution control for the direction of industrial development, gather the development of new energy product development,manufacture,services,technical advisory together, it is not only with the international service network but also with innovative new high-tech enterprises.The company gathered a large number of outstanding science and technology person, they are vibrant, advanced concepts and has extensive experience energy utilization and inverter technology fields, the company have a good reputation in the field of industry and customers because the rich field of innovation, superb expertise and good service skills.

The company's products include grid-connected inverters,off grid inverters, high-frequency isolated inverter,energy storage inverter, charging pile module, photovoltaic DC power distribution components,provide quality products and new energy system solutions for the electrical industry and high-end customers .The company has passed the lSO900l international management system certification, product also passed TUV, CE, CQC, ETLCQC, AS4777, VDE-AR-4105, VDE0126-1-1 .G59/3. G83/2, MEA, PEA, EN50438, EN62116,EN61727 and other authoritative certification, and successfully applied to China, Australia, Thailand, the Netherlands, Britain, the Philippines, India, South d other countries of photovoltaic power plant project.

The reliability and high conversion efficiency of the inverter and other products from Litto, win a very good evaluation from many outstanding customers and partners at home and abroad, the company established a long-term strategic cooperative partnership with a lot of new energy companies and resource sharing recent years, sales of own-brand and OEM and others have made great progress, the company's ducts in the Australian market share more than 22%, the market sales growth rate more than 200% in the Netherlands and India. The company has received very good reviews from a lot of users and industry for our technology innovation in the group of series grid connected inverter, In the industry has caused a lot of PE, VC attention.

Change Feature, Unchange Nature!

Looking to the future, Shenzhen Litto new energy Co., Ltd. will continue to increase R&D investment, concentrate on clean and efficient, green environmental protection of new energy technology applications. With the innovation and technology to change the future,to combination of nature and technology, reciprocally accreting and harmoniously developing.