1 Litto’s Warranty

In general, all inverter produced by Litto have a warranty period of 5 years from the date of installation but no more than 6 years from the date of production. All system accessories have a warranty period of 2 years from the date of installation but no more than 3 years from the date of production.

2 Does Litto have monitoring solutions for the Inverters?

Litto support standard USB/RS485/GPRS/WIFI communication, our customers can view the system operation and power generation.

3 Why the LED or LCD screen without any display?

Maybe reverse the positive and negative input lines, re-check the connection of the positive and negative lines,

4 Why does my inverter’s screen display do not feed power to grid?

Maybe  the AC switch is not open or the fire line or the neutral line is in an open state with the inverter.

5 How do I connect the inverter to WiFi monitoring
  1. Mobile APP installation method:
  2. Enter the site http://litto.shinemonitor.com/
  3. Click New User.
  4. Fill out the user’s information and click Next
  5. Fill in the relevant parameters as required, in which the collector serial number can be seen on the product label of the inverter, click to complete the registration.
  6. Scan the two-dimension code of Smart Client from the site.

6. Enter the landing page after downloading.
Enter the login page, input the user name and password to enter the APP home page, can monitor the inverter.

Quickly set the connection method:

1. Enter the site http://litto.shinemonitor.com/

2. Scan the following two-dimension code.

3. Enter the software of Smart Link, select the "Search automatically", it will show "Connected" when connect completely. If you use iphone system, firstly make your phone WIFI network connected to the inverter WIFI.

4. Open the interface of setting, click the button of "Select...".

5. Select the wireless network you need to connect, and then click Confirm.

6. Enter the password of the wireless, click Setting, the software will automatic set up.

5. If setting successful, enter the APP home page, can monitor the inverter.
Remark: the setting of GPRS is the same with WI-FI, after register, can monitor the inverter from the site and APP,  no need to connect network.

6 How to determine the installed capacity of home photovoltaic power generation system?

The installed capacity of the home photovoltaic power generation system depends on the load of the household appliances, the roof style, the roof area and the national grid company's recommendations to determine the optimum installation capacity. In general, the flat roof installation capacity is about 70 watts per square meter.

7 What is the parts of the string PV grid-connected power generation system?

String PV power generation system has PV modules, PV grid-connected inverter, Bi-directional power measurement  and related parts.

8What is Litto’s unique technologies?

The full range of inverters adopts  SIC mosfest+SIC, built-in anti-current mode, support wireless WiFi/GPRS remote monitoring, maintenance, upgrades and after-sales applications.

9 If I purchased different power inverters, how do I calculate the solar panels need to be connected?

Single Phase 5KW solar inverter:
Flat roof: 5KW / solar panel power / 2
Ramp Roof: Consider the minimum number of panels per face (not less than the minimum operating voltage of the inverter) and the maximum number of panels (not more  than the maximum operating voltage of the inverter)
Three-phase 10KW solar inverter:
Flat roof:10KW/ MPPT trackers number / solar panel power
If the maximum voltage is exceeded, divide by 2 or 3.
Ramp roof: according to the actual situation.

10 What are the occasions is suitable for string grid-connected PV system?

String grid-connected PV power generation system can be applied to:
1.a variety of public buildings and public facilities, formation of String grid-connected PV power generation system,  use of various types of local buildings and public facilities to establish a  String grid-connected PV power generation system to meet the power users part of the electricity demand , For high power consumption enterprises to provide electricity.
2. can be in remote areas such as the island and other areas without electricity, formation of off-grid power generation system or micro-grid.