Warranty policy:

Warranty period: Litto PV grid tied inverters are produced by Shenzhen Litto New Energy Co., Ltd., you can see the warranty time from the warranty card, and system parts are guaranteed for 24 months.

Guarantee time start from the date of goods received from our dealer.

Warranty evidence: product serial number and the local dealer's invoice
Note: if the customer does not provide invoices and other documents, Shenzhen Litto New Energy Co., Ltd. will be based on 2 months after the factory delivery date as the starting time of the warranty period.
Scope: the occurrence of any damage in the warranty period will be determined by the dealer and the Litto to determine its scope and responsibilities.

The warranty principle:

In order to provide better service to the end user, all the Litto authorized dealer are required to reply to the end user's warranty request. The distributor will replace any defective products and accessories caused by design or production problem in the warranty period.

The following circumstances will not enjoy the warranty policy:

1)  The warranty card is not sent back to the dealer or Litto.
2)  Product modification or design change or replacement without the approval from Litto.
3)  Modify, change, or attempt to repair, serial number is rubbed or not get the seal from the technical personnel.
4)  Error installation and commissioning.
5)  Did not comply with the appropriate safety requirements (AS4777 standard etc.).
6)  The product has been stored improperly and is damaged in storage by the end user.
7)  Transport damage, spray paint surface scratches during transport process. There is sufficient evidence to be reported to the insurance company as soon as possible when unloading,
8)  Did not comply with user manual, installation guide, maintenance procedures.
9)  Incorrect use or improper operation.
10) Insufficient ventilation equipment.
11)  The related product maintenance procedures is not followed or not performed an acceptable standard.
12) Force majeure (e.g., lightning, over voltage, storm, fire)
Beyond the warranty claim referenced power, especially the defective equipment cause direct or indirect damage claims, or demand compensation losses caused by disassembly and installation, or profit loss which do not include in the warranty, in these cases Litto will be not liable.

Warranty and claims procedures:

Please refer to the Litto local distributor a simple error description to report defective equipment. If we agree to change, we generally will be based on the model and the number of years, change the same size of the inverter to you. The remaining warranty rights will be transferred to the replacement equipment. In this case, because of record archive, you will not receive a new certificate. Replacement product will be packaged well and carry out within 2 working days. Defective equipment will use the transportation packaging return to the dealer. If reinstall site service is necessary, the end user to discuss with dealers in advance. All inverters during the warranty period the services are free.

For warranty claim or technical support please contact our service center:


Shenzhen Litto New Energy Co., Ltd

Tel: +86-755-81707800

Fax: +86-755-81707809


Australia service centre:


Tel: +61-4-50194052


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