Residential PV Power Plants Solution

In usual, the size of home project is from 1kW to 10kW. The LittoLS series, LT series, LF series, are the right products for home projects.
LS series 1-5KW, LT series 5-10KW, LF series 5-10KW grid connected PV inverters: for small household-type photovoltaic power plant.
High efficiency, high yield
1. No transformer design, more efficient.
2. Advanced MPPT technology, captures every generated by solar panels.
3. Wide input voltage range, the solar panel is more flexible.
Easy installation and  flexible operation
1. In the same industry within the same power of the smallest.
2. Dustproof and waterproof (IP65) design
3. No fan, Ultra-quiet (less than 30db noise), can be installed indoors.
4. The use of pluggable waterproof connector, easy installation and maintenance.
5. USB/RS485/WIFI/GPRS communication, monitoring more convenient.
Rugged more durable
1. Intelligent fault and alarm protection.
2. Natural cooling, life up to 25 years.
3. Wide operating temperature range -25-85 degree, high temperature environment continued full power generation.
4 TUV/CE/CQC/IEC/VDE/ASS/MEA+PEA cetification.

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